Catalonia is generally a safe region as too is Spain on the whole. Petty crime (especially pick-pocketing and theft) tend to be sometimes a problem in the big cities and tourists are often an easy target. The Priorat is a very safe area as it is made up of small villages and small communities where everybody knows everyone and they look out for each other, visitors included.

If visitors are careful with their belongings, there are usually no problems. has prepared a list of recommendations for visitors to the region:-

- Take out comprehensive travel insurance for your trip.
- Make photocopies of the most important pages of your passport or identity card.
- Don't leave valuables lying around your hotel/accommodation room.
- in public places, keep an eye on your luggage at all times.
- Keep your pesonal belongings close to your body or under your arm/elbow in the street. Be especially aware in crowds.
- Don't leave car doors open even when you are unloading and loading luggage. Do not leave valuables, cameras etc.. visible in the car.
- Don't get involved in card games or trick games in the street. They will alwaysbe a fraud.. (Barcelona)
- Be suspicious of helpful behaviour:- a stain on your clothing, your car having problems on the motorway. If a car tries to flag you down to offer help, lock the doors and wait for the Police to assist you.
You can phone 088 for the Catalan Police Force.

If you carefully follow this advice, you are sure to have a wonderful time here!




L'Encamisada (Falset)

Festival of the Omelette in its own sauce (Ulldemolins)

Priorat Wine Fair (Falset, Gratallops)

Festival of Rice and Rabbit (Cornudella de Montsant)

Old Fashioned Wine Harvest Festival (Poboleda)

La Badejada (Bellmunt del Priorat)

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