The Fragerau gorge can be found near the village of Ulldemolins near the Llena and Montsant mountain ranges. The area gets its name from Fra Gerau, the monk who lived in a cave beside Saint Bartholomew's hermitage at the end of the gorge. There was a natural spring in the cave which supplied two stone pools where the water collected. Legend tells that Queen Sança, Alfons I wife was ill after childbirth and called for Fra Guerau who cured her, earning himself the cave and the hermitage as a reward for his services.


Fragerau GorgeThe Romanesque hermitage dates from the 13th century and was built on the site of an earlier hermitage. It was part of the former Cistercian monastery of Bonrepòs in La Morera de Montsant until the end of the 15th century, when Saint Bartholomew's and its surrounding area became the property of the Carthusian monastery of Scala Dei. When the monastery was dissolved in 1835 with the Disentailment laws, the hermitage was given to the village of Ulldemolins.

This walking route starts at the Hermitage of Sant Antoni. From Ulldemolins we take a tarmac track SW as far as the chapel of Sant Antoni (km 0, 675 m). There is a large car-park just above the hermitage and there is also a children's playground, barbecue area with tables. The people who run the hermitage as a hostal also offer the possiblity of selling wood for the fire., amongst other services. Fragerau Gorge

The Montsant Natural Park has started putting sign posts throughout this walk. Do not be put off by the sign which says this walk is very difficult. It is if you do the circular walk which takes you up onto the Montsant mountain range. If you do a linear walk from St. Antoni to St. Fragerau and back it is relatively light.

We walk along the track to the Montsant river. We immediately come to a pond on the left, which we shall pass on the way back. The route takes short cuts at the bends of the track following GR-65-5 (white and red marks). When we come to Les Cadolles Fondes (km 1.68, 535 m, 25 min) we take the path to Margalef. We enter Fraguerau ravine, passing on the left a path that goes to Punta dels Pins Carrassers and then, to the right, another to Racó de la Pastera. Much further along, on the right is the Sant Bartomeu suspension bridge (km 3.58, 493 m). We cross it to reach the chapel of Sant Bartomeu de Fraguerau (km 4.33, 521 m, 1 h 10 min), one of the 13 chapels of Montsant and the most isolated. We return to the suspension bridge and return the way we have just come.




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