Jordi Alonso

WINEJordi Alonso is the winemaker at the cooperative winery of Agrícola Falset-Marçà. With 500 members or vine-growers this is one of the larger wineries of the DO Montsant wine appellation. Founded in 1917 (in Falset) and 1913 (Marçà) the two villages joined forces in 1999 to create the modern cooperative winery it is today. Having said this, the Agrícola Falset-Marçà is based in one of the loveliest Art Nouveau or Modernist buildings of the Priorat - a true "Cathedral of Wine" built in 1919 by Gaudí pupil, Cèsar Martinell recently interviewed Jordi Alonso and this is what he said:-
DO MONTSANT - Jordi Alonso

What are you looking for in your wine?
I try to make every bottle reflect the land, the climate and the landscape; the region and the character of its people. From the humble Grenache and Carignan grape varieties, I try to create special wines, which are unique and with a marked personality.

How would you define Montsant wines?
In general, they are modern wines but at the same time they respect tradition. They are clearly aiming to be of a high quality, are authentic and express the land. It is a yound wine appellation, but with centuries of vine-growing behind it. It is dynamic amd full of hope and plans for the future.

What do you think your wine offers us?

It is a small contribution along with the other wines of the region towards national and intermational recognition. We are hard at work every day to offer wines for the pleasure and enjoyment of the consumer.

How do you see the future of the area?

We are in a very privileged area in wine-growing terms. There is a clear vocation for making quality wines, small production and with maximum respect for the surroundings. We want to keep working in this way and we think it is easy to foresee a good future as we are created a good base. We are faced with a great opportunity which I am sure we will not waste.

Thank you Jordi Alonso.

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