OLIVE FARMERS' CALENolive flower in PrioratDAR

February First ploughing and fertilising

Relates to the plant’s post-winter state. It is good to fertilise the soil to supply extra nutrients during this cycle.

March Pruning and fertilising Excess vegetable matter is eliminated.
April Pruning Excess vegetable matter is eliminated.
May Second ploughing or mowing of the weeds

Possible insecticide application for leaf spot disease
Ploughing oxygenates the soil and avoids water run-off in case of heavy rains.
Nowadays, some farmers decide to leave vegetal coverage, mowing the weeds, instead of ploughing, to improve the soil’s properties.
Possible insecticide treatment against Prays oleae.

July Prune back shoots or re-growth Elimination of excess of new-growths.

Possible treatment against olive fly Bactrocera oleae
Fertilise the soil with manure to feed trees during ripening process so as to be ready for next spring. This improves the soil structure.
Possible treatment against leaf spot disease.    

October Third ploughing  
November Harvesting Harvesting
December Harvesting Harvesting
January Harvesting Harvesting

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