grapes in PrioratOften people visiting wineries have problems with some of the technical vocabulary. Funnily enough in English we use a lot of French expressions, even though we have some equivalents in English. has collated the most important wine words and their translations into Catalan for visitors and also wine professionals who sometimes can't find the right word for some process or winemaking technique.

DOC, AOC, PDO — Coming from the world of wine, these classifications were designed to protect the names of the original production areas of certain wines. In Spain we use DO or DOC (see DO Montsant and DOC or DOQ Priorat section) In France, it is Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée [AOC]; in Italy, it is Denominazione d'Origine Controllata [DOC]; and in Spain, it is Denomination d'Origen [DO]. Since then, a similar classification for certain food products like cheese, olive oil, and so on has been developed by the European Union and is known as PDO, or Protected Denomination of Origin. In Spain and Italy, it is DOP, and in France, it is AOP.

A word of advice: Xavier Rull from Falset here in the Priorat has published a very useful dictionary on the subject and in fact, each reference includes the Spanish, English and French translations of each word. This book is available in hard copy form (ie. as a book), but it is also available on-line:

10 Words of Advice 1- Book winery tours in advance.

2- Avoid wearing perfume and don't chew gum

3- Ask questions even if they seem very basic.

4- If you visit two wineries one after the other, check they are not too far away and allow time to get there.

5- Elect a driver who will not be drinking or book a taxi (in advance - see Useful Information)

6- Visit no more than four wineries in one day.

7- Avoid tasting on an empty stomach and carry water with you.

8- Take notes during the tasting about the differences in the wines.

9- Most wineries are very small and cannot accept large groups.

10- Enjoy the countryside, the people and the villages..

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